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Fibroadenoma Fact and Fiction

Do you know about - Fibroadenoma Fact and Fiction

You wake up one morning and freak out--there's a lump in your breast. You've read all of the stories and seen all of the news reports. The big C word comes to mind. You know that most women who get breast cancer are older than 40 and you are in your 30s. But your mind races to your friends' faces, friends who have had mastectomies while they were younger than 40...and who had no family history of the disease.

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How is Fibroadenoma Fact and Fiction

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Your insides feel squishy but your heart rate is soaring. You try to calm yourself as, with your hands shaking, you dial your Ob-Gyn. "I found a lump," you say. "I need to see you today." And your doctor, who understands what you are going through, asks you to come in right away.

After seeing the doctor, you are sent for a sonogram or maybe a mammogram, or maybe even both. The lump is solid, but it moves when manipulated by the doctor's fingers. She is certain it is not a cyst, since it is too solid and the endeavor at needle aspiration didn't work.

The core-needle biopsy comes next. You waver between negative thoughts and certain ones, on an emotional roller coaster. Your friends and family assure you everything will be fine. You wish you could be so certain.

But the call the next day is great than expected--no cancer. What you have is a fibroadenoma, a firm, non-cancerous tumor of the gland. You'll have to go back to the doctor's or breast center for repeated ultrasounds, about every six months, to check its status and so the doctors can keep track of its growth rate. The doctors seem to be taking a "wait and see approach", which you aren't sure is re-assuring; but you try to convince yourself, if they aren't worried, you shouldn't be either.

Over the next few weeks, you hunt the Net to learn all you can. WebMd says it is smooth, round and painless. You disagree, especially colse to your duration when the tumor downright hurts.

You do more investigate and talk to more friends. One friend confessed to having surgery twice to take off hers. She said they grew roughly golf ball size and were very painful. And according to Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book by Susan M. Love, M.D. (Perseus Books), fibroadenomas "can vary in size from a tiny five millimeters to a lemon-sized five centimeters." You're glad yours is on the smaller ender of that scale.

One thing the physician did tell you was to get off the Pill. It seems the estrogen in birth operate pills could make the tumor's size increase. And you don't want to take any chances with that. You continue to do investigate and you feel a tiny more reassured when you read the line "Fibroadenomas are secure in themselves, and they don't have to be removed..." in Dr. Love's book. That is your plan of attack: only have surgery if it gets too painful or becomes unmistakably necessary.

In the meantime, you look for prophylactic measures, since though Dr. Love writes, "In most cases a woman has only one fibroadenoma; it's removed, and she never gets any more. But some women do get several over their lives--and a few women get many of them." You don't want to be one of those women.
Even if prophylactic measures haven't been scientifically proven, you frame if it doesn't hurt you, maybe it will help. You switch to a non-hormone formula of birth control. Your physician recommend cutting out caffeine so you drink decaffeinated green tea, since it is supposed to be filled with antioxidants.

According to the book Breast Health: The Natural Way, by Deborah Mitchell and Deborah Gordon, M.D. (John Wiley and Sons), "Green tea contains high levels of polyphenols, substances that neutralize free radicals connected with cancer, and is a rich source of antioxidants. Green tea protects against breast cancer by preventing initiation of cancer growth."

You also try to cut out sugars and add more leafy vegetables and soy products. Soy products have been touted for the last decade as containing phytoestrogens (much weaker than the female sex hormone of estrogen.) Scientists at Wayne State University School of treatment in Detroit demonstrated how genistein, a phytoestrogen found in soy products, inhibits growth of certain breast cancer cells.

You know you don't have breast cancer, and that fibroadenomas don't in any way predispose you to cancer, but you are taking precautions. As Dr. Love writes, fibroadenomas are a nuisance, and they can scare you into reasoning you might have cancer--but that's the only bad things about them."

You know that. So, in increasing to the changes you are development in your diet, the biggest convert of all is in your attitude. No longer do you take things for granted. Your first scare and panic has made you perceive how much you take your condition for granted.

You vow to be great to yourself, to not allow yourself to get so stressed out all of the time. You promise yourself you'll take great care of your body, maybe get a facial or massage occasionally. To soak in the tub and relax with a good book. To play with your kids and to appreciate your spouse more. But most of all, to count your blessings. You will get through this, and in the grand scheme of things, it may not be that big of a deal.

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Anti-Abortion - Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice

Do you know about - Anti-Abortion - Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice

The Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice deliberate upon can often be a confusing one. Those who are against abortion are often referred to as "Pro-Life"; these citizen often believe that life begins at conception. For those that believe life begins at conception, abortion is essentially a murderous act and should (usually), under no circumstances be legal. There is much grey area, though, between the stances of Pro-Life and Pro-Choice. Those that advocate Pro-Choice believe in a woman's choice to end pregnancy for varied reasons.

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How is Anti-Abortion - Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice

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For Pro-Lifers there are many religious and moral implications, and many individuals exist on a scale. Some Pro-Lifers believe that abortion is inexcusable except in the instance when a mother's health is at risk, while others may be more stringent and think it should be banned no matter what. Also, those that area Pro-Choice often exist on a scale; they may believe it is a woman's choice to end in the case of rape or incest, though they do not find abortion proper in other instances.

Many Pro-Lifers find much of their evidence in the Bible to defend their stance. distinct books of the Bible, such as Luke and Jeremiah, claim that God knows all souls before they are born; for Pro-Life advocates, this means that a person is alive the very occasion he or she is conceived. It should not be assumed, though, that all Christians are Pro-Life; while many are, some Christians don't take the Bible as as a matter of fact as others, and they may believe it is a woman's choice to end pregnancy.

Many anti-abortionists also believe that the most a person grows and changes is while in the womb. Before birth is when a human being develops all of the characteristics that make them human; arms and legs, a spine, and brain. The quality to feel pain is also, for many, a line in the sand determining their stance on abortion. Often Pro-Lifers believe that a person can feel pain at the occasion of conception, thus development them human and abortion immoral, while other professionals believe that it isn't until the second or third trimester when a fetus is able to feel pain development abortion proper in the earlier stages of pregnancy.

Some anti-abortionists believe in their cause sufficient to break the law defending it. There have been many instances where Pro-Life advocates have bombed government supported abortion clinics and harmed, or even killed abortion doctors. This by no means represents the majority of Pro-Lifers, though it does speak to the controversy and passion surrounding the abortion debate.

While the U.S. Supreme Court declared abortion legal in the notable Roe vs. Wade case of 1973, it is up to each individual state either late-term abortions may be performed. In many cases late-term abortions are legal if a mother's heath is at risk. This decision allows for each state to determine what is best for the majority of its citizens, either they are Pro-Life, or Pro-Choice. State-wide, there is one ban on a late-term abortion procedure, that of the Intact Dilation and Extraction, of the Partial Birth Abortion. This was passed into law in 2003, though it is under improvement as it did not make provisions for mother's whose heath is at risk.

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How To Use Castor Oil To Induce Labor Naturally?

Do you know about - How To Use Castor Oil To Induce Labor Naturally?

As much as we would like to use natural labor inducing remedies to start labor as soon as 38 pregnancy weeks are full, it is good to remember that babies have their own calendar. Some babies will come at 38 weeks, and other times will need 42 weeks before they are ready. Thus, you are not overdue, or "postdates" as used by healing standards, until 42 weeks.

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How is How To Use Castor Oil To Induce Labor Naturally?

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Nowadays, it is more base to hear that you are "overdue" even if your due date was only yesterday! Your due date is only a very rough target date, that is why it is referred to as Edd -- estimated due date.

However, if you are truly overdue and threatened by healing induction, Castor Oil is one of the natural labor inducing remedies that have been used for quite a long time. Many women, who gave birth twenty or thirty years ago and whose labor was induced with Castor Oil, are now passing the knowledge about this natural remedy to their daughters.

There are very few studies about using Castor Oil for inducing labor naturally. One study published in Alternative Therapies (January 2000) reported that 58% of the mothers who were given Castor Oil began labor in the specified period.

The ideas behind this mechanism, in which Castor Oil induces labor, is that the remedy causes diarrhea cramps by irritating the flat muscles of the intestine. This irritation is passed to the uterus, which is a flat muscle, as well. Irritation of the uterus increases the prostaglandin level, resulting in contractions and labor.

Castor Oil starts the diarrhea two to six hours after drinking the oil. The contractions should begin shortly after that. Some midwives and mothers swear on this method and have repeatedly used this to quit an overdue pregnancy. Others feel it is not worth the discomfort.

After taking Castor Oil, the diarrhea is certain but it is regularly over by the time you go into labor. One of the very inherent side effects is that the severe diarrhea and cramping caused by Castor Oil could preserve you. This could be a serious problem, especially if you are delivering in a hospital where mothers are not allowed to drink fluids while labor. The mother’s dehydration may be linked with a higher risk of the baby passing meconium -- his or her first stool -- into the amniotic fluid. If the baby inhales meconium-stained fluid before or while the birth, it can cause severe illness for the baby.

Moreover, dehydration makes you tired and less able to undergo bodily activity. If you are suffering from dehydration, this means that your uterus is dehydrated as well. Dehydration aggravates the uterus, which in turn causes more pain for the mother. This might make you less able to cope natural childbirth, and puts you at increased risk for healing interventions.

Thus, if you induce labor with Castor Oil, you must remember the point of retention your body hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids.

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